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Welcome to Liberty Grove Press LLC. We are a publisher dedicated to publishing books about the classic television series The Andy Griffith Show.

And while we are a publisher, our connections to “Mayberry Royalty” has led to a new endeavor we call The Mayberry Retreat.

The inaugural event will be held May 3-5, 2023 (Wednesday through Friday) in Berea, Kentucky at the beautiful and historic Boone Tavern Hotel. Our special guest will be LeRoy Mack McNees who appeared in the episodes “Mayberry on Record”and “Quiet Sam.” An accomplished dobro player, LeRoy is also a member of the International Bluegrass Music Association Hall of Fame.

Registration includes lodging Wednesday and Thursday nights and all breakfasts and dinners including taxes and gratuities.

Attendees will enjoy:

  A concert by LeRoy Mack McNees
• The opportunity for superior one-to-one contact with LeRoy thanks to the intentionally limited number of attendees
• Audio-visual presentations by Mayberry author and historian Randy Turner providing entertaining and detailed looks at various aspects of The Andy Griffith Show
• A concert by Zoe Speaks, a musical duo who perform both standard and original Appalachian music
• A new Mayberry book by Randy months before it will be available to the public
• An interview of LeRoy about his career and experiences on The Andy Griffith Show
• Communal viewing of select Mayberry episodes with commentary by Randy
• Several Mayberry and retreat-related mementos, including a t-shirt
• A sampling of various Kentucky treats, including spoon bread, Kentucky Derby pie, transparent pie, cream pulled candy, bourbon balls, mint Kentucky Colonel candy, and Blue Monday candy bars

Visit The Mayberry Retreat to learn more about this unique event!

Our 2023 desk calendar about our favorite series is still available and is on sale. The calendar is designed to kept as a flip book at the end of the year.

Our newest book is The Mayberry Rerun Watchers Guide: Season 1 by SpiritWalker is one Mayberry fans will want in their library. The first of a planned series, the book provides a detailed look scene by scene  at each of the 32 episodes in Season 1. The book is filled with incredible detail that will make even devoted fans marvel at details they never noticed before. The 320-page perfect bound book includes information on filming locations, cast, and crew and is packed with trivia.

The 2023 Mayberry Day-by-Day Flip Book Calendar contains daily facts about The Andy Griffith Show, but they are not random facts. Rather, they are tied to each particular day on which they appear.

Finally, don’t forget about one of our more popular books! The Mayberry Travel Guide is both an actual travel guide for Andy Griffith’s hometown of Mount Airy, North Carolina and a book filled with facts and trivia about The Andy Griffith Show. The guide contains information on the many influences Andy’s hometown had on the beloved series with full explanations of the many references he made so often to the real town of Mount Airy–to its businesses, streets and roads, nearby towns and communities, and real people from back home. The 384-page perfect bound book contains over 350 photos and 40 sidebars that provide detailed looks at items of interest.

The book was specifically written to be of interest to you, the Mayberry fan, even if you have no intention of ever actually visiting Mount Airy (though you definitely should if you ever get the chance).