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Welcome to Liberty Grove Press LLC. We are a publisher dedicated to publishing books about the classic television series The Andy Griffith Show.

Our most recent releases include three new books plus a new desk calendar and t-shirt!

The new 2024-2025 Edition of The Mayberry Travel Guide is now available! This updated book includes lots of new information, from the new Andy Griffith mural, several new restaurants, updated Pilot Mountain information after the devastating fire, updated pricing information, plus lots more, not to mention many new photographs. Whether you plan a trip to Andy Griffith’s Hometown or not, you will love the information tied to The Andy Griffith Show that runs throughout the book!

To say we are excited about being able to finally bring a book so treasured by Mayberry fans back into print after nearly 30 years doesn’t begin to say it! Our revised edition of Lee Grant’s 1995 book Everybody on the Truck!: The Story of The Dillards includes all the original text but much more. Lee has written a new preface and acknowledgments. A new epilogue covers what happened to the three members of the Dillards who have passed away, and Rodney Dillard’s wife, Beverly Cotten-Dillard, wrote a new afterword about Rodney and the Dillard’s band. Lots of new never-before-seen or rarely-seen photos are also included.

SpiritWalker continues his series of books looking at each season of The Andy Griffith Show in incredible detail, episode by episode. If you enjoyed his book about Season 1, you will certainly love the new Mayberry Rerun Watchers Guide: Season 2!

Now on sale, our 2024 Mayberry Day-by-Day desk calendar is a special All-Holiday Edition, using both official and unofficial holidays to share information about The Andy Griffith Show.  The calendar includes a built-in easel  and is designed to kept as a flip book at the end of the year.

Finally, we also have a new t-shirt available that any Mayberry fan should wear proudly, especially as the shirt’s statement is absolutely correct!