COVID-19’s Second Liberty Grove Press Event Cancellation

I had previously announced that I would be doing one of my presentations about The Andy Griffith Show as part of an official Mayberry event for the first time, Mayberry in the Midwest. Unfortunately but wisely in light of the pandemic situation, the festival has been canceled.

I have already assured the organizers that I would be thrilled to provide a presentation at the 2021  festival, by which time we will surely have adequate testing and tracking in place and hopefully even a vaccine. Until then, while I know it was a difficult decision, I have no question it was the right one.

There are other ways for the Mayberry community to stay in touch. I have had quite a  number of people reach out to tell me how The  Andy  Griffith Show Ambassadors Program I started recently could not have come at a better time, as it makes them feel like the Mayberry family is still there and they enjoy getting a  certificate as a unique piece of Mayberry memorabilia. As I have said, a worldwide virus was definitely not part of the plan. I launched the new club on February 15 as that was the 60th Anniversary of the pilot episode first being seen. But I am certainly happy it is filling a need for so many.

As the adage says, this too shall pass. Be well, watch out for one another, and long live Mayberry!

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  1. I was very disappointed about the cancellation but not terribly surprised, in light of the current situation. I was looking forward to going this year. Hopefully, Mayberry Days will go on as scheduled. Ray and I already have a B&B reserved.

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