Japanese Kit Kat Bars: Part III – Baked Custard Pudding..in a Toaster Oven!

Another Kit Kat type found only in Japan is Kit Kat Baked Custard Pudding.

The front of the package pictures the flavored white chocolate candy bar with an arrow leading to the same bar toasted with steam coming off it. Upon looking at it closer, I realized the drawing behind the pictures was meant to represent a toaster oven.

The back of the box confirmed that I would definitely have to investigate further. While in Japanese, it was clearly explaining how to bake the candy bars!

I first tried to use Google Translate which only led to some amusing attempts to convert the language to English. Somehow I don’t think the first line really translates to “the receiving day of the nose with a bun toaster.”

Luckily, the package contained three different wrapped small candy bars so I had the ability to try them in different ways. First, I had one as is. The candy definitely did have a custardy pudding flavor that was tasty.

After a bit of Googling, I decided to heat the remaining two bars differently. I first simply toasted one as if making toast. I heated the other bar under the broiler. I had better luck controlling the amount of heating with the second method, but both were really good and interesting.

I let it go just a bit too long in the toaster method but the dark crystallized sugar was still delicious.

Some of the sugar in the chocolate melted off and hardened along the bottom of the bars. This crystallized sugar tasted just like the top of creme brûlée. To me, the bar itself did not taste like a chocolate candy bar at all once heated. It almost had the consistency of a dense cake. It may be I don’t have a discerning enough palette, but I could not easily distinguish between the heated chocolate slightly caramelized on top and the wafer interior.

I had better luck with the broiler method.

I would never have thought of heating a candy bar at all and definitely would not think the result would taste so much like creme brûlée. Quite the treat!

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