The Mayberry Retreat

Featuring Special Guest

LeRoy Mack McNees

May 3-5, 2023

Historic Boone Tavern Hotel

Berea, Kentucky

The Mayberry Retreat will be an intimate gathering of discerning fans of The Andy Griffith Show with special guest LeRoy Mack McNees. LeRoy was featured in the episode “Mayberry on Record” and seen in “Quiet Sam” during season one. An accomplished dobro player, LeRoy is also a member of the International Bluegrass Music Association Hall of Fame.

Attendees will enjoy activities centered solely on The Andy Griffith Show and entertainment in keeping with the spirit of the series. Think of it as all-Mayberry all the time.

The retreat will begin Wednesday afternoon and conclude late morning on Friday. Registration includes lodging Wednesday and Thursday nights and all breakfasts and dinners including taxes and gratuities.

Attendees will enjoy:

  A concert by LeRoy Mack McNees
• The opportunity for superior one-to-one contact with LeRoy thanks to the intentionally limited number of attendees
• Audio-visual presentations by Mayberry author and historian Randy Turner providing entertaining and detailed looks at various aspects of The Andy Griffith Show
• A concert by Zoe Speaks, a musical duo who perform both standard and original Appalachian music
• A new Mayberry book by Randy months before it will be available to the public
• An interview of LeRoy about his career and experiences on The Andy Griffith Show
• Communal viewing of select Mayberry episodes with commentary by Randy
• Several Mayberry and retreat-related mementos, including a t-shirt
• A sampling of various Kentucky treats, including spoon bread, Kentucky Derby pie, transparent pie, cream pulled candy, bourbon balls, mint Kentucky Colonel candy, and Blue Monday candy bars

The Mayberry Retreat will be held at the beautiful and historic Boone Tavern Hotel. Built in 1909, the hotel is on the National Register of Historic Places. Nestled in the Kentucky foothills of Appalachia, Berea is easily reachable within a day’s drive for an enormous segment of the country. 

Berea is known as the Folk Arts & Craft Capital of Kentucky. It is home to Berea College, whose students excel in the making of beautiful Appalachian arts and crafts in the disciplines of wood working, ceramics, weaving, jewelry, and broom making. One section of Berea known as “Old Town” is filled with artisan studios, galleries, distinctive gift shops, and much more.


• While the brochure says payment of the initial deposit by credit card can be made with a convenience fee, we are waiving that fee until the retreat is announced more broadly through social media. So there is no additional charge to use a card for early registrants.

• The hotel has a limited number of rooms of each type (king, queen, and double beds) which will be filled first come, first served. Earlier registrants are more likely to get the larger beds. If room is double occupancy but shared with a friend, the room will contain two separate beds.

Download the brochure with the registration form to sign up through the link below. Please note that the number of attendees will be quite limited by design. The hotel has only a finite number of rooms which will be filled first come, first served.

 2023 Mayberry Retreat brochure