At Liberty Grove Press, we have long thought there should be more books about The Andy Griffith Show and are doing our part to change that. We publish books about the classic series, as well as annual desk calendars and select gift items.

Our newest book is The Mayberry Travel Guide, a unique guide to Andy Griffith’s hometown of Mount Airy, North Carolina as well as a book filled with facts and trivia about The Andy Griffith Show. Designed to be of interest even to those who don’t plan to visit, the guide contains information on the many influences Andy’s hometown had on the beloved series with full explanations of the many references he made so often to the real town of Mount Airy–to its businesses, streets and roads, nearby towns and communities, and real people from back home. The 384-page perfect bound book contains over 350 photos and 40 sidebars that provide detailed looks at items of interest.

60 Years of Mayberry is a collection of essays, recollections, and reflections in celebration of the  60th Anniversary of The Andy Griffith Show‘s debut. The 192-page perfect bound book includes writings from:
•  Dixie GriffithAndy Griffith’s  daughter
• George Lindsey Jr.George “Goober” Lindsey’s son
• Bruce BilsonAssistant Director  of  The Andy Griffith  Show
• LeRoy McNees  – Musical guest star in The Andy Griffith Show
•  Sean  Dietrich – Author and Sean of the South Podcast creator
• Allan  Newsome – Floyd the barber tribute artist and host of the podcast Two Chairs, No Waiting
• Tim Bradshaw – Author and Mayberry fan
•  Chris Grewe – Pastor  and  devoted fan of The Andy Griffith Show
•  Randy Turner – Author and  Mayberry historian 

Mayberry Firsts belongs on the shelf of any true fan of The Andy Griffith Show.  Mayberry Firsts is a collection of short-form essays. Each essay uses a “first” in the series, but it is definitely not a simple checklist of events. Each event is used as a springboard to delve deeper into the series and present background facts about the show in the process. The book is a 224-page perfect bound book.

We also carry gift items related to the show, including the 60 Years of Mayberry Ornament laser-engraved on cherry wood and our Andy & Opie shirt so you can wear your love of The Andy Griffith Show for the world to see!

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