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Preparing The Andy Griffith Show Ambassadors  Magazine is just one of the many reasons I have neglected posting here, but I do have a fun story to share.

I wrote a (hopefully) funny story in the magazine about finding out at the beginning of  March that my name was mentioned on the nationally syndicated radio program The Bob and Tom Show. It turns out that just over a week or two later, the same thing happened on the Charlotte, North Carolina-based program The  Big Show.

One of the members of the Ambassadors Program told me (and for the life of me, I can’t remember who it was) around the middle of April that he had heard the show’s hosts John Boy and Billy mentioning my name a few weeks earlier. The show is widely syndicated but is not carried in my area so I told him I was sorry I had missed it. He then let me know that a  few months ago they began a podcast made up of their skits and comedy bits for each day so I went in search of it. And I finally found out after becoming indoctrinated with the show after quite a few episodes!

I had sent Mayberry Firsts (which is currently on backorder) and my most recent Mayberry Day-by-Day desk calendar after reading that the hosts are big fans of the show. And they clearly are, as it is a rare day that at least some reference is not made to The  Andy  Griffith Show. However, for the sake of accuracy, I do want to make sure readers know that the hosts were confused when discussing Don Knotts’ Emmy Awards. Somehow Billy (and John Boy agreed) thinks that  Don Knotts never won an Emmy Award while a series regular and won all of them for his guest shots during the color years. Since Don Knotts won five  Emmys for playing Barney Fife and there were only three color seasons, that would have been quite the feat!  Actually, two of the five were for guest shots and the rest were while he was a  series regular.

One other small explanation is needed before you listen. Billy and others on the show often tease John Boy for mispronouncing words. Before their shout out to me, they had been talking about a food coloring that had been changed because it was carcinogenic. After a couple of attempts by John Boy trying to say carcinogenic, Billy made a joke about the Kardashians as one of John Boys’ attempts sounded a lot like the reality star’s name.

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  1. John Boy and Billy are Earnest T. Bass. They’re nuts!! That was pretty cool Randy! Keep up the good work!!!

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