Mayberry Article in Nostalgia Digest

The newest issue of Mayberry Magazine which includes another article on the beginnings of The Andy Griffith Show.

On February 1, I posted about Upcoming Plans during 2020 for Liberty Grove Press.  One thing I stated was, “I will be announcing certain magazines you should be sure to check out later this year.”

Mayberry Magazine article.



I have already posted about articles I am writing for Mayberry Magazine published by the Mount Airy News, but careful readers may have noted I said “magazines,” as in more than one.

I am happy to announce that the plural was not referring to only the multi-issue series I am writing for Mayberry Magazine!

The just-released issue of Nostalgia Digest includes a  seven-page article I wrote in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the debut of The Andy Griffith Show. “What  It Was Was Mayberry: Looking Back at  60  Years of The Andy Griffith Show” is a thousand-word examination of how our favorite show came to be.  And to give you an idea of how these things work, I submitted my final draft and it was accepted for publication last September!

Nostalgia Digest article.

This was a special treat for me as I am a subscriber to this small-format magazine and look forward to each quarterly issue. And as members of  The Andy Griffith Show Ambassadors Program know, Nostalgia Digest served as an inspiration to me in the new magazine I recently launched, The Andy Griffith Show Ambassadors Magazine.

Detail from back cover.

But you don’t have to be a subscriber to get a copy for yourself (and it includes lots of other informative and entertaining articles). The magazine can be found on newsstands at over 400 Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million stores in the United States.  You can also order an individual copy for only $5.50 from the publisher, Funny Valentine Press. [NOTE: The magazine sold out rather quickly from the publisher and is no longer available.]

I would really encourage you to support Nostalgia Digest and Mayberry Magazine. Without their audiences providing financial support, they cannot continue to provide the type of information we all enjoy so much.

Finally, in conjunction with my article, the radio show Those Were the Days which is hosted by Nostalgia Digest editor Steve Darnell will feature programs that include some of the stars of The Andy Griffith Show on the September 12 broadcast from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.  Those Were the Days can be heard in the  Chicago area on WDCB at  90.9  FM or worldwide on the web at

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