Big Plans for 2020

I have neglected to post in this blog for longer than I had planned. I originally thought just to take some time off for the holidays, and here it is February, two months later!

This wasn’t just because of general neglect, though. I have been working hard on new projects, some of which are related to Liberty Grove Press while technically their own entities.

• A new venture will give a select few the opportunity to spend real quality time with a Mayberry cast member!

• I know that maintaining a blog is not the “in” thing right now. Young people will tell you that nobody does blogs anymore. Social media is all Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound. I will be releasing details soon, but one of the projects takes an even further step backward and will involve a subscription to a hardcopy-newsletter filled with Mayberry fun. The newsletter will actually be only one aspect of this new venture which will have a separate name though it will be sponsored by Liberty Grove Press.

• New publications are being worked on for this year but I am not the only author working on one of them…

• I will announce some big news about one of my presentations on aspects of The Andy Griffith Show.

• I will be announcing certain magazines you should be sure to check out later in the year.

How is that for being cryptic? I will be making announcements about two of these new opportunities for Mayberry fans relatively soon. If you are already on my email list for either my Facebook and blog history posts notices (sent from or my email list for Liberty Grove Press (sent from, then you will be the first to receive word of the new projects, though I will later announce them on Facebook and the Liberty Grove website. If you are not on either email list, you can sign up by simply emailing me a message and asking to be added to the list.

While supplies last!

2020 marks the 60th anniversary of the debut of The Andy Griffith Show. I have been putting in overtime to make sure Liberty Grove Press does its part to spread the Mayberry spirit during this banner year!

Finally, a note that the 2020 Mayberry Day-by-Day desktop calendar is on sale while supplies last and that there are less than 10 first edition copies of Mayberry Firsts available. I will print a second edition later, but if you did not buy the book already and want a first edition, time is limited.

If you are into first editions, please know that I have less than 10 copies of my book left. I will reprint Mayberry Firsts as a second edition eventually, but the book will be unavailable for a while.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words, Jeff. There is going to be a lot heading your way from me through Liberty Grove Press during this special year!

  1. Great to hear from you my friend. Thank you for the info. I am kind of late just now catching up on emails and such. Keep up all the good work.

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