Japanese Kit Kat Bars: Part II – Tokyo Banana

Last week, I described sampling Sake-flavored Kit Kat bars from Japan. Another flavor I received as a gift is Tokyo Banana Kit Kats.

Tokyo Banana gift box. The box is designed to hold 15 candy bars but my friends added four other flavors inside so I would have more types to try.

This flavor was just introduced in November 2017 and caused a sensation with people in Japan lining up in lines extending outside stores to buy this new flavor associated with Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

Tokyo Banana sponge cake.

This Kit Kat is a tribute to a sponge cake that sounds a lot like our Twinkies called simply “Tokyo Banana.” The original cake flavor’s full name is Tokyo Banana Miitsuketa, though it now comes in 14 different flavors. The original sponge cake was introduced in 1991 and is filled with a banana custard cream filling made with pureed bananas.

When I heard the name of the Kit Kat version, I originally envisioned a bar of yellow chocolate that would taste like banana. In fact, the banana-flavored wafer is covered with milk chocolate with the result tasting like a chocolate-covered banana, a really delicious combination.

All of these unusual Japanese Kit Kat bars are not full-sized. They are the equivalent of around a quarter of a Kit Kat found in the U.S. Most consist of two joined bars instead of the four bars we are accustomed to. The Tokyo Banana flavor is a bit different as the bottom is joined with a banana embossed in the chocolate.

Next Wednesday, I will be discussing baking Kit Kats in a toaster oven…

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