Mayberry Days, 2018 – Part I

I began this blog at the end of July last year with my first post about an event I had just attended for the first time, the Mayberry Meet-Up. I have not tried to cover all the Mayberry events back-to-back, instead posting about my very first travels to Mount Airy, then eventually covering Mayberry Days 2015, Mayberry Days 2016, my first trip to Mayberry in the Midwest in 2017, Mayberry Days 2017 with a side trip to Morgantown, West Virginia, Mayberry in the Midwest 2018, the Mayberry Meet-Up 2018, Mayberry in the Midwest 2019, and finally the Mayberry Meet-Up 2019 along with my visit to Siler City and Chapel Hill.

Which means I should finally get caught up on the last two Mayberry Days, especially as they saw the public debut of Liberty Grove Press.

I released my first publication through Liberty Grove Press, the 2019 Mayberry Day-by-Day Flip Book Calendar, a desk calendar with a fact about The Andy Griffith Show each day. The facts are not random. Each of the 365 facts is tied to the particular day on which it appears. (And, of course, the 2020 version is now available!) I had approached various shops in Mount Airy who decided to stock the calendar. Since I am constantly trying to spread the word about my young publishing house, I arranged to be in the parade. But what to ride in?

Cut to my Mayberry Days traveling buddy, Rob, who has to travel extensively in his job and thus had enough points for a free rental. Rob arranged a simple, nondescript car…

Rob in his sweet rental.

Well, actually, he rented a bright yellow Ford Mustang convertible which we picked up at the Cincinnati airport a day or two before we were to leave.

2018 was extra special for me as my old college roommate, Dick, came along for the festival. It was undoubtedly a tight ride down as I brought all the calendars shops in town had ordered and the calendars by nature are far bulkier than traditional books.

The wonderful Tamera at Wally’s Service Station not only carried the calendars, she asked me to do a signing on Saturday. When I later talked with Tanya of the Surry Arts Council, she ended up asking me to do a signing at the Thursday night banquet as well. Thus, we needed to leave early as I would not only need to drop off the calendars to the Mount Airy shops that were carrying them, I needed to be at the banquet to set up for the signing.

We headed out early, having a nutritious breakfast of Holtman’s Donuts as we traditionally do. We made it to Mount Airy before Snappy Lunch closed at 1:15.

Snappy Lunch.
Frying up just a little bacon.

Instead of the go-to world-famous pork chop sandwich, I tried the restaurant’s “breaded burger” alongside a traditional burger.

A breaded burger on the left and all-meat on the right.
At Snappy Lunch, you have to choose the type of basic burger you want.

We then dropped off the calendars to the various shops, checked into the hotel, then headed to the country club where the banquet was to be held after the annual golf tournament.

I had sent some calendars early so it was fun to arrive and see some already on display.

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