Requesting a Favor from Those Who Have a Copy of Mayberry Firsts

It has been an unusually busy few weeks for me between various speaking engagements, Mayberry Days, and a trip to Hocking Hills, Ohio to experience their well-known pumpkin show for the first time!

I will discuss all these (well, the Mayberry-related events, at least) in more detail over the coming weeks, along with previous Mayberry festivals I have not already covered, but I do want to publicly say how thankful I am to have the opportunity to do my small part in spreading the Mayberry spirit.

I do have a favor to ask.

My book Mayberry Firsts is available through Amazon. Even if you bought the book directly from me, bought it through Weaver’s Department Store, or bought it at a shop in Mount Airy or Meadows of Dan, I would really appreciate a review on Amazon if you could take the time. While many fans are involved in the Mayberry community and are already well aware of Liberty Grove Press, more casual fans may not be. I do not pretend to understand all of Amazon’s algorithms, but I do know that reviews help push the book up in standings so a casual shopper looking for books on The Andy Griffith Show will not have to scroll back eight pages to find Mayberry Firsts!

To write a review, this link should take you there. If not, just search for “Mayberry Firsts” on Amazon and the book will pop up right away. Click on the title and on the book’s page, scroll down and click on “Write a customer review” on the left. My understanding is you have to have spent $50 at Amazon over the past year to write a review. You definitely are not required to have purchased the book through Amazon.

A special thank you to all of you have already written such generous reviews thus far!

A reminder that our new annual Mayberry Day-by-Day desk calendar is available through our website and all the other previously mentioned sources with the exception of Amazon. I hope to get it posted on Amazon soon but just have not yet found the time to do so!

Your generous support of my writings enable me to continue to write more. And I can tell you that 2020 will not only bring new writings. I also have some other surprises in store for next year! After all, 2020 is the 60th anniversary of The Andy Griffith Show so we need to celebrate!

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