Mayberry Days, 2018 – Part III

As is our tradition, we got up early Friday morning and headed to the Blue Ridge Parkway. By doing so, we miss the Mayor’s Proclamation first thing Friday morning but we also know the hectic day ahead of us, so it is nice to start off at a more relaxed pace.

Rob and I usually eat at the restaurant at Maybry Mill, but the year before we were in a small store in Meadows of Dan that had a food counter in the back. Whatever they were cooking that year smelled really good, so we decided we would try it out on this trip. My college roommate, Dick, had never been, so he was up for whatever we wanted.

The food counter in the back of Poor Farmer’s store in Meadows of Dan.
Biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon served in a styrofoam “to-go” box: the breakfast of champions.


While the store is definitely worth the visit with a pretty nice selection of unusual soda pops, the breakfast was a bit disappointing. Not bad but not what we had hoped. But you don’t know if you don’t try.


After our annual stop at Nancy’s Candy Factory, we still went up the parkway to see the mill, one of the most photographed spots on the parkway.


Maybry Mill.

We then headed back south to see Peggy at Mayberry Trading Post. We were disappointed that Peggy was not there due to some minor eye surgery but still had a good time looking through the store. I also dropped off the order of calendars Peggy had ordered, the last of the deliveries I had to make.

The first time I ever visited the Mayberry Trading Post, Peggy was impressed I knew who Lum and Abner were.
A framed collection behind the counter commemorates when Betty Lynn came to see “the real Mayberry.”

Between our inferior breakfast and Peggy not being at the Trading Post, that was two disappointments in a row. Luckily, after we returned to Mount Airy, we toured The Andy Griffith Museum which is never a disappointment.

Shot from a different angle by a better photographer, this would make a nice cover for a book!

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