Mayberry Days, 2018 – Part IV

In my last post, I described how Friday morning began with a couple of mild disappointments followed by the never-disappointing Andy Griffith Museum. The day just continued to get better when I ran into my buddy Sarah who even happened to be wearing one of our Gomer and Goober Comic Book Literary Guild t-shirts! You can’t spend a few minutes with Sarah and not smile!

We also had a chance to check out the newly-built “whittling wall.” The wall used to be a spot where local men gathered and whittled while their wives were in the stores shopping. This was actually a common sight in small Southern towns. I remember seeing the same thing in Jackson, Kentucky when we visited during my childhood. Mount Airy commissioned a series of sculptures made from bricks showing, of course, a whittler as well as a textile worker since the textile industry had been one of the town’s main employers years ago. Local celebrities are also pictured, including country singer Donna Fargo.

Friday afternoon we attended the trivia contest at the Blackmon Amphitheater. It was extra fun to see my buddy Mike Haviland take second place (based on a tie-breaker) while wearing one of our chapter shirts. Even better was that the afore-mentioned Sarah always hands out the trophies in her guise as “Miss Mayberry.” Sarah also still had on her chapter shirt, so The Gomer and Goober Comic Book Literary Guild was well represented!

Mike with his Gomer and Goober Pyle Comic Book Literary Guild t-shirt on, front and center!

As I previously said, a special aspect of the 2018 Mayberry Days was that my old college roommate, Dick, attended with us. Dick and I along with another college friend had attended Mayberry Days together for the first time in 2006. Making it even better, my buddy Rob’s son, Matt, came over late Friday afternoon from Raleigh to attend his first Mayberry Days with us.

While at the group photo Allan Newsome always arranges after the trivia contest, we met Hal, a member of my Facebook chapter I had never met in person. When I learned he was attending the festival by himself, I invited him to join us for dinner.

The five of us ate that evening at the Derby restaurant which had been recommended to me by locals. I had breakfast there during the previous Mayberry Meet-Up by myself, but I had been told the Friday night fish fry was a must. We had all-you-can-eat fish, potato, coleslaw, and hushpuppies for—would you believe $5.65?! We likely would not even have asked for seconds on fish but the server brought another plateful without being asked. I guess she could tell we were a group of hearty-eatin’ men.

We ended the fun day with the VW Boys concert which was as entertaining as always. And of course, I had to get my annual photo with the lovely Christie as the grown-up Andelina.

A lot of the Mayberry tribute artists joined Tim White of the VW Boys on stage at one point.

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  1. If’n the Good Lord’s willing and I’m I can make it over the Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge, I’ll be there next year!!!

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