Mayberry Days, 2018 – Part VI

While 2018 was the first time I did a calendar signing for Tamera at Wally’s, I did so again this year and will be doing so next year, too. I always start at 11:30 which is pretty much right after the parade with enough time to get down there and set up. I always end at 1:30 because I would never want to miss Professor Brower’s Lecture, the high point of Mayberry Days for me.

We ran into the mayor on the way to Neal Brower’s lecture.

In 2018, Neal Brower had three of the childhood stars who had appeared in The Andy Griffith Show. Clint Howard who had played the silent Leon; Keith Thibadeux who was billed as Richard Keith when he played Johnny Paul Jason; and Dennis Rush who played Howie Pruitt. Keith is more widely known for having played “Little Ricky” on I Love Lucy. Dennis was attending Mayberry Days for the first time.

Left to right: Clint Howard, Dennis Rush, Keith Thibadeux, and interviewer Neal Brower.

That night, we saw a concert by the Malpass Brothers. It was a great show. I even had the opportunity to meet some of the brothers’ biggest fans, a group of fun girls in pink poodle skirts.


All good things must come to an end. Sunday morning we finally grabbed a photo all together in the lobby of the Hampton Inn, though how we had failed to do that at an earlier point in the weekend, I don’t know.

Matt headed home to Raleigh while Rob, Dick, and I headed home via Lesage, West Virginia and our annual stop at Hillbilly Hot Dogs.

I have teased Allan Newsome about this fine dining establishment and he has usually shown some of my photos on the Two Chairs, No Waiting podcast with unsure comments about eating there. Hillbilly Hot Dogs not only allows graffiti, they encourage it. So I left a message for Allan on a pumpkin while waiting in line and sent a photo of it to him.

I will post about this year’s Mayberry Days soon, but I can not encourage people enough to attend these Mayberry events like Mayberry Days. If you are a fan, you will not regret the trip which is definitely worth the effort.

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