Mayberry Days, 2018 – Part V

In an effort to get Mayberry fans to know who I am as I was publicly launching Liberty Grove Press, I had earlier reached out to the Surry Arts Council about being in the parade. I learned that their entry fee was covered if I placed an ad in their annual free newspaper The Mayberry Confidential. Some of starting a new business is learning what to do better next time. My ad mentioned the upcoming book This Week in Mayberry History. I will eventually release the book which I am still writing, but “coming soon” was a bit off since I have released Mayberry Firsts and another Mayberry Day-by-Day desk calendar as I write this and still have not released the book mentioned in the ad.

Just as I had been told to be at the country club early on Thursday night and found myself the only one there, I had a similar experience Saturday morning when I showed up at the parade staging route when I was told to be there only to find literally no one else was there yet. It did allow me to get a great early-morning photo of Main Street in Mount Airy.

We had breakfast as Snappy Lunch where Rob insisted his son Matt have the world-famous pork chop sandwich even though it was breakfast, so the rest of us followed suit.

We were back at the parade staging area in plenty of time to visit with others, which is a really fun aspect of being in the parade  had not anticipated.

Signing a couple of calendars for Jeff Koontz at the parade staging ground. Jeff does so much to make Mayberry Days a reality.

That included Rob and me getting a photo with the tribute artists who play my Facebook chapter’s namesakes.

The parade itself was a hoot for me. I threw out candy and pencils, the latter with my website printed on one side and Andy and Barney’s high school alma mater on the other.

After a quick trip to show  Matt the largest open face granite quarry in the world which is also in Mount Airy, my friends dropped me off at Wally’s to do another signing. Tamera runs the fantastic gift shop inside the service station. Many Mayberry fans have discovered that her pricing on Mayberry items is the best in town. Wally’s is on Main Street but is a little removed from the main part of town. Tamera hosts bluegrass bands, food trucks, and other vendors, meaning a trip to Wally’s is a must. Not to mention the squad car tours that leave from the business. In fact, while I was doing the calendar signing, Rob, Matt, and Dick took a tour.

You never know who might show up at Wally’s.

As I mentioned in my last post, someone asked me how much he owed me for signing their calendar. I had laughingly told my friends about this over dinner the previous night and assumed this was a one-time occurrence. But it happened two more times during my signing at Wally’s.

Now, this is a tribute artist who is a dead ringer for the actual character actor.

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