Announcing The Andy Griffith Show Ambassadors Program

I do not usually say this, but be sure to read all the way through to the end of this post!

Under my earlier Big Plans for 2020 post when I discussed plans to continue spreading the Mayberry spirit this year, I wrote “one of the projects…will involve a subscription to a hardcopy-newsletter filled with Mayberry fun. The newsletter will actually just be one aspect of this new venture which will have a separate name though it will be sponsored by Liberty Grove Press.”

The name of that project is The Andy Griffith Show Ambassadors Program.

The Andy Griffith Show Ambassadors Program logo.

Members will receive what I earlier described as a newsletter which will actually have more the appearance of a small format magazine similar to Nostalgia Digest though certainly shorter. Filled with Mayberry information and advance word on Liberty Grove Press publications, it will be published three times per year and is included for Ambassadors with their yearly dues. But as I said, that is just one aspect of this new program that I am starting in celebration of this being the 60th anniversary of the debut of The Andy Griffith Show.

The Andy Griffith Show Ambassadors Program official seal.

If you just want to be an unofficial ambassador, simply “like” our new Facebook page here. This is a curated Facebook page where posts have to be approved by me, but I will provide periodic history posts there just as I have done on other Facebook groups and pages.

But for those willing to make the small investment of $10 (though I would still appreciate a “like” on our page), before the first magazine issue is delivered, Ambassadors will receive a beautiful certificate suitable for framing designating them as an ambassador of the show and the values it promotes. Liberty Grove Press will also gradually be rolling out exclusive merchandise that will only be available to ambassadors in good standing. And there will also be a surprise or two more along the way…

All of this is available for just $10 during 2020. But I have even better news.

The pilot episode for the series, “Danny Meets Andy Griffith,” first aired 60 years ago today (February 15, 1960). There were later 249 episodes of The Andy Griffith Show series filmed. That’s 250 episodes of Mayberry goodness. So the first 250 people who email me their name and physical mailing address (street or P.O. Box) will get all of the above for free for the first year!

I will review the emails as soon as possible and will be sure to accept them in the order sent. When I get to person #251 and afterward, I will email to let them know they did not make the cutoff though they can, of course, still join for just $10. (And for future reference, those instructions will always be available on the pinned post at the top of our The Andy Griffith Show Ambassadors Program Facebook page.)

So what are you waiting for? Email me the needed information at so I can add you to the roll of official Ambassadors of The Andy Griffith Show!

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  1. Love this show for many years. Actually have a Bible class that we watch a show and than have Bible verses tied into the show for discussion.

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