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As mentioned in my last post, on February 1, I hinted about several big announcements for 2020, the 60th Anniversary of the debut of The Andy Griffith Show. I have already revealed The Andy Griffith Show Ambassadors Program and my being scheduled to do one of my presentations for the first time as an official part of a Mayberry eventMayberry in the Midwest.

At the time, I also said, “I will be announcing certain magazines you should be sure to check out later in the year.” I am happy to report that I will be doing a series of articles for Mayberry  Magazine, the periodical published by the Mount Airy Times in Andy Griffith’s North Carolina hometown!

Readers may get a kick out of something I did not know about this news myself.

I originally pitched an idea for a  series of articles on the origin of The Andy Griffith Show. I had firm dates in mind for events that took place in 1960 (detailed below) but only knew an approximate date for an important event from 1959, Sheldon Leonard’s creation of the series concept that became The Andy Griffith Show. Still, I submitted the article and did not think about it much until the editor emailed asking for a headshot.

I sent the requested photo but never heard anything else so I assumed they had decided not to use the article for whatever reason. I contacted the editor again in mid-January about a proposed article about the 60th anniversary of the pilot episode. In the course of our conversation, he mentioned something along the line that they were looking forward to publishing another article by me. Another? I asked if he still planned to use the one I sent last year, and he responded, “We already used it! It was in the October issue.”

This was news to me. I regretfully had not subscribed to the magazine at that point though I did at the end of last year. They were nice enough to send me a copy which I just received today.

By the way, Mayberry Magazine has switched to a quarterly schedule, so if the original price tag was scaring anyone off, the price is now 10 dollars less. While there will only be four issues, each one will have a higher page count than the ones published previously.

So if you subscribe soon, you will be able to read articles by me on the 60th anniversary of the pilot episode, the beginning of filming, and the debut episode of the classic series, The Andy Griffith Show.

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  1. Wow, congratulations buddy ! I know this has to be very gratifying. I have one issue that was complimentary, it was quite pricey. I used to subscribe to a couple of other similar formatted magazines like this one and I know that the production cost for them is quite expensive with full color enamel pages and the postage to mail them out, but I just may have to go ahead and subscribe now that it is $10 off.

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